Vyloppilli Kavithakal Vishukkani

Vyloppilli Vishukkani kavithakal

Vyloppilli Sreedhara Menon’s poem “Vishukkani” is about the importance of vishu festival (kani) to a child.

Vyloppilli got Kendra Sahithya Academy award in 1964 and 1971. Vyloppilli Sreedhara Menon was born on 11th May 1911 in Ernakulam district, Kerala. He liked children very much and was a teacher by profession.

The poet recollects the nostalgic teenage memories about Vishukkani. Vyloppilli describes about the summer and his childhood girlfriend. Vyloppilli says, the summer prolongs, as the hot wind blows as if it is from a hot flame. Vyloppilli used to play in the hot summer and dream about the dense forest and rivers. These memories are still fresh in him.

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