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Vanjipattu prasthanam- Ramapurathu warrier

Ramapurathu warrier a visionary poet of Kerala, who invented “Vanjipattu/Vanjipattu prasathanam”, succeeded to communicate history of purana by reciting the song while driving the boat(vanji)

“Vanjipattu “is a type of performing art from Kerala and have a poem composition as its script. Vanjipattu is one among the famous category of poems. Ramapurathu warrier’s famous vanjipattu is kuchelavritham. Currently for nehru trophy vallam kali(Nehru trophy boat race) ,And other boat race , The participant used to recite the vanjipattu as part of the competition.

Vanchippattu is made up of two words: vanchi, which means boat, and pattu, which means song. The cadence of this literary form is similar to that of rowing a boat. According to historians, this is how it received its name.

Ramapurathu Warrier, a Malayalam poet who resided in Travancore (later Kerala) during the reign of King Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, established this literary genre. It is thought to have been made during a boat trip by Ramapurathu Warrier and King Marthanda Varma. To the king, Warrier recited his poetry. This poem was later collected in Kuchelavritham Vanchippattu, a well-known poetic collection

“Kuchelavritham Vanchippattu” is one of the well-known Malayalam Vanchippattu . kuchelavritham was based on the friendship between of Kuchela  and krishna authored by Ramapurathu Warrier.  Kuchelavritham Vanchippattu  was written at the request of king Marthanda Varma.

Kuchelavritham was composed in the Nathonnatha metre. The poem is 698 lines long. Warrior devotes 96 words to glorifying Marthanda Varma and the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, while 132 lines are devoted to describing Krishna. Others are dealing with Kuchela’s story.

The correct date of the Kuchelavritham’s composition is obscure. It was composed amid the rule of Marthand Varma, agreeing to history specialists. It was composed between 1745 and 1750, agreeing to student of history K. R. Krishnapillai. It’s moreover been recommended that it was composed around 1756 AD.

The poem was reportedly written and recited on one of King Marthanda Varma’s boat voyages, during which Warrier was also present.  Warrier was indirectly presenting his afflictions before the King, begging the King’s help, while expressing the poverty ofKuchnevolence of Krishna with great poignancy. When he came home, he discovered that instead of his wrecked house, another big building had been built under the Maharaja Marthanda Varma’s orders.

Despite the fact that it was written over two centuries ago, the poem remains one of the most popular Malayalam poetries.

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