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Ente Gurunathan – Stanza Three

vallathol kavithakal in malayalam- Ente Gurunathan

Influence of Gandhiji is evident in Vallathol’s poems. Mahakavi led a simple life and followed Gandhian principles.

This is the third stanza of the Malayalam poem Ente Gurunathan by Vallathol Narayana Menon. The poet stresses that Gandhi is a gem of person and literally depicts that he untouched by snakes. This stanza has profound comparison “jewel that has not been found by snakes“. Hindu mythology believes that snakes are guardians of precious jewels and they are the custodians of many jewels with mystic powers. However the poet depicts snake as evil in this scenario and compares Gandhi to the rare jewel that has never been found or touched by snakes.

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Stanza meaning:
A pure water source free of predator animals

A sacred oil lamp without moisture

Precious jewel stone untouched by snakes

My Guru is like a moonlight that do not cast stray shadow

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