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Vailoppilly Mambazham – Malayalam poem

Vailoppilly Mambazham

Mambazham by Vailoppilly depicts that children need more attention and compassion instead of scolding for their mischief.

This is the sixth stanza of the Malayalam poem Mambhazam by Vailoppilli Sreedhara Menon. It is about a mother realizing that her son shouldn’t have been scolded so harshly for a small mischief. Poet points out that, children have subtle mind and may get deeply hurt if, restricted harshly for minor deeds. It is a physiological message that the poet tries to convey through his poem. As a teacher by profession, the poet empathize the mind of children.

In this poem Vailopilly depicts a child who loves to playfully whack the mango flowers but the mother scolds him for that. She yells at her son that, he will certainly destroy the mango fruits by whacking the flowers. The final stanza of Mambazham is very touching as the mother repents her rude words to stop her son from destroying the mango flowers. The child declared that he will never come to pick the mangoes from this tree and it became regretful veracity.

This poem is part of Vailoppilly’s efforts to educate and uplift the social parenting mindset in his era. Mambazham is also study curriculum for high schools. It imparts children that parents have not lost affection to them when they are scolding and are just making them understand for their own wellbeing.
Read from first stanza of this poem here.

Stanza meaning:
These mangoes are made for little one to pick and eat.
Without knowing the reality you shunned from me
Won’t you come back running when I call to feed?
Do accept this mother’s food with passion, even you are imperceptible.
Soul of her child then transmuted to a mild breeze and embraced consolingly.

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