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Malayalam language is world famous because of its sweetness to compose poems and songs. Malayalam poems are well known for its adaptability to music rhythms. It is Dr Gundert who contribute its first dictionary and grammar book. Dr. Hermann Gundert even translated the Bible to Malayalam. Dr Gundert wrote Malayalam poems too. Dr Gundert also contributed to the famous Christian song “In the chariot of the time I am on my homeward journey…” , this song was originally written by a another German missionary Mr V.Nagel, and got translated to 14 other Indian languages as well. Thus Malayalam is not only for a Keralite but it is for whole world who love poems in its true sense.

We wish to share a rare and exclusive interview with Dr. Moag, Malayalam Professor- University of Austin.


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Popular works

Vallathol Narayana Menon

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His poems had influence of Gandhiji’s principles and he was a true poet in all aspects.


Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer


Ulloor was one of the famous triumvirate poets of Kerala in the first half of the 20th century. His poems had influence of Sanskrit and adhered strictly to Malayalam grammar.


Kumaran Asan

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The legendary Mahakavi Kumaran Asan has very profound thoughts in his poems.

Veenapoove (1907) – “A dead flower”

Akkitham Achuthan Namboodiri

18 March 1926

Popularly known as Akkitham. A famous Malayalam poet who is honored as ‘Mahaakavi’. He won the Kendra Sahithya Academy Award for Malayalam in 1973.

Irupatam Nuttantinte Ithihasam (History of 20th centrury)

Kandathil Varughese Mappillai

January 2, 1917

Malayala Manorama Chief Editor K M MathewMathew had also served as Chairman of the Press Trust of India,

Cherusseri Namboothiri

1375 to 1475 AD

He is part of poet traids of Kerala. Called Kavithrayam

Krishna Gatha(Lord Krishna’s life as poem)

Kamala Das

She revoulutionized Malayalam poem by writing unde pen-name Madhavikkutty.

1964: Pakshiyude Manam (short story – Mind of the bird)

O. N. V. Kurup

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May 27, 1931

He represents contemporary poems but has chosen topics that invoke deep thoughts about community practices.

Daahikunna Paanapaathram The Thirsty

Chalice 1956 2 Marubhumi The Desert 3

Neelakkannukal Blue Eyes

Kumaran Asan

Kumaran Asan

Vallathol Narayana Menon


O. N. V. Kurup

O.N.V Kurup