The Forgotten Word



witchery board..

reminds me the guest who never visits….

when you lost the control of the boat,

i didn’t understand, why your eyes were


is it for the died untold words…or

for your unending lonliness.. ?


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11 comments to The Forgotten Word

  • varghese george

    Good poem, but you have room for improvement when I compare your style to Ramayanam of Ezhutachan, which I have read entirely and know inner and outer meaning of each and every lines in it.

  • Mohan Shyam

    Can I offer a flower to the poet from my garden….roses to you. Looking forward for more such poems.

  • Spamie Monette

    Hey good poem, but put in more details.

  • Ching Joe

    I am origin of China, most of your poems are similar to the one we have traditional poems. Good work keep up.

  • varghese george

    Hey I am back here, I had commented earlier too , I come back to read more. Love this place! Keep the good work.

    • Web Master malayalam poems.

      Hey, thanks for coming here regularly.. People like you are the main inspiration for us. If you like the place , please also consider to join our face book and share your good poems there. We love the friendly crowds who keep coming back to , Also.. consider submitting your poems to us for publishing here. All the best and please also spread the word around too, enable Malayalam poems reach the world.

  • Staci hemp

    My husband directed me to this site, it is great! Also have the same opinion like he has, which is to detail for your foreign friends. Keep the good work going ! cheers.

  • Norman Hemp

    Cool poem, hey give us more insights on the language.

  • Poonam

    Hey the words are so disconnected here, that I am not able to make out the exact message of the poem.

  • Harry Denver

    Great! however I have the same opinion just like my foreign friends that visits your site.

  • Monte George

    Nice poem!… All the best