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Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar(3rd Stanza)

Kiratham is famous Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambiar- a visionary poet of Kerala, Kiratham Ottamthullal has humors and depicts part of Mahabhartham.

The given two stanzas are continuation from 1 & 2nd Stanza of Kiratham ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar. Essence translation from Malayalam to English can be found towards the end of this post..
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Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar
Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar
Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar

Thus Parvathi & Parameshwara, who lived happily in the earth like elephants, got blessed with a son called Ganapathi, who eradicated the obstacles for the whole world, The poet prays to lord Ganesha that his efforts become worth for the world…


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