Malayalam poem – Mambhazam by Vailoppilli

Malayalam poem - Mambhazam by Vailoppilli

Vailoppilli believed that children are like GOD and their words can come true, Mambhazam is tragic Malayalam poem that touched hearts.

This is the second stanza of the Malayalam poem Mambhazam by Vailoppilli Sreedhara Menon that depicts a grieving mother who regrets restricting her son from plucking mango flowers.

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The stanza describes words of a mother who arrogantly told her son that you should understand that flowers become mango fruit and he will not be allowed to pick mango when it becomes ripe and falls off the tree. She furiously asked him that if he needed spanking for trashing the mango flowers? The child felt very sad about his mother’s warning and his face frowned.

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