Malayalam Kavithakal lyrics – Little Girl who loved the rain by Vidya


Vidya’s “Mazha Nanajoru Baliyam” is about good things we miss from childhood and the attachment children have to nature.

The poet concludes her poem with a message to humanity for bringing back good things of life and urges to be more passionate about Mother Nature. This is about a mango tree which uses to drop sweet mangoes and then a fine day stopped flowering altogether. There used to be a little girl who danced around that tree on rainy days and the tree loved that child. The family had to migrate due to financial pressures and eventually the tree stopped flowering. It is very touching when an old granny – Nangeli Amma found the tree spontaneously fruited after long time. She noticed a little girl and her mother along.

Above is fifth stanza of “Little Girl who loved the rain” by Vidya.
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