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Krishna leela by Vidya

Krishna leela by Vidya www.malayalampoems.com

Krishna leela by Vidya www.malayalampoems.com Krishna leela by Vidya www.malayalampoems.comKrishna leela by Vidya www.malayalampoems.com

Krishna leela by Vidya depicts a miracle incident at Guruvayoor temple. Guruvayoorappan is very passionate about children.

Guruvayoorappan is the main deity at Guruvayoor temple at Kerala, India. Guruvayoor temple is very popular cultural heritage and pilgrim destination. Krishna leela is referred to lord Krishna’s naughty deeds during his childhood. This poem depicts a Krishna leela of Guruvayoorappan when an inexperienced young priest substitutes his father to perform rituals on an occasion of his absence. Many tales are there about Guruvayoorappan found playing among children and even getting punished among them for their naughty behaviour around guruvayoor temple premises.

Upon completing the afternoon rituals of the deity in the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Guruvayurappan, Nenmeni unni nambudiri( young priest) came out with empty handed. The temple authorities started questioned him, as it was a custom that the ceremonial offerings of the lord should be distributed among devotees waiting outside. The poet then explains the Krishna leela that took place inside the closed doors of sanctum sanctorum. Nenmeni unni nambudiri was just 6 year old and he thought lord might really accept the offerings and consume all the offerings in reality. He became nervous as it did not happen and suspected that he might have underperformed the rituals his father has thought him even though he did his best with utmost devotion. He started crying inside the sanctum sanctorum and urged the lord to accept the offerings and excuse him for his inexperience. Hours passed and the devotees waiting outside for lord’s blessing got impatient. After much urging by unni nambudiri, lord was pleased to see the pure devotion and appeared himself and consumed all offerings to console devoted priest. When the temple authorities discovered about this incident they were about to punish the young priest. Then they heard an echo from the sanctum sanctorum, that “If you have to punish the culprit, do punish me, as it is me who had consumed all of the offerings”. Devotees became aware that the lord has indeed performed another miracle and they praised the lord. The poet humbly presents this poem with devotion to the readers of malayalampoems.com, please encourage the poet by posting relevant comments/feedback that will also help to improve quality of posts.

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