Kavithakal in Malayalam – Little Girl who loved the rain by Vidya


Vidya’s Kavithakal in Malayalam depicts intimacy of children with Mother Nature and vice versa.

This is the third stanza of Little Girl who loved the rain by Vidya. Like most other poets Vidya too loves nature and have criticised the modern society and the complications it has created. Vidya painfully explains a little girl’s happiness being snatched due to the social systems of human beings and how Mother Nature would be feeling the same.

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The old granny – Nangeli Amma searched for clues as a mango tree that has never even flowered has fruited. She then found a little girl dancing in the rain near the mango tree. The girl was accompanied by her humble mother. Nangeli amma could feebly notice resemblance of the mother’s face with a little girl who used to dance years before.
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