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Ente Gurunathan ( My Guru) – Changampuzha Krishna Pillai

Ente Gurunathan ( My Guru) - Changampuzha Krishna Pillai About this poem and poet: Changampuzha Krishna Pillai was a legendary poet of Kerala. His poems had lessons in which, he profoundly analyzed his failures from his own life. Changampuzha Krishna Pillai had affection towards laborers and often depicted through his poems as idols. Changampuzha Krishna Pillai’s poetry is included in Kerala’s academic curriculum due to its in-depth meaning and grammar perfection. The poet watches a farmer plowing the paddy fields and describes his dedication of work through this poem. Changampuzha Krishna Pillai depicts this farmer as an ideal farmer who does not care about scorching sun but only cares about the job he does. Traditionally paddy fields in Kerala were plowed with a special tool called “kalappa” which was very tough manual work. Oh man, who follows the bulls in the paddy field You do not even care about the scorching heat. “I salute you “ Mother Earth is kind enough to give us food because of your hard work. Mother earth will never feed us, if you preferred to sit idle. […]