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Poetry analysis Wordsworth and Asan

Kumaran asan depicts life cycle of a man with that of a flower and Williams Wordsworth imagines it as stages of rainbow.

Topic of analysis: Depiction of “Human Life cycle”

Poets : William wordsworth and Kumaran asan

Poem for analysis: “My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold The Rainbow” and “Veena poove” ( Dead flower)

William wordsworth remembers his life as an infant, the rainbow appears partly, but still it has the beauty of life and curiosity.  The rainbow then grows younger, where it enjoys life in full. Then the rainbow stops growing and stays in the sky for some moments. It vanishes from the sky, just like a man’s journey of life to death. William wordsworth reminds us that the child is the father of the man.

Kumaran Asan spots a dead flower lying on the ground and depicts it with life cycle of human beings. Kumaran Asan makes us aware that the laws of nature are applicable for every living being and we all go through the same fate as a flower.  The flower blossoms to the youth stage, where it enjoys that state and admiration.  Finally the flower dies and falls apart from the plant to the ground.

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