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Poem analysis

Poem analysis at “Malayalam poems” is an attempt to analyze how English and Malayalam poets creatively approached similar themes.

malayalam poems.com is trying to analyze poems of English and Malayalam poets who used the same theme but touched our hearts using different languages. Most poems analysis at “Malayalam poems” are from our board of experts but we would like to make it an open discussion.

India was colony to British empire for over 100 years and the influence of English in Malayalam  poems are evident.  We respectfully remember German missionary and scholar Dr. Hermann Gundert who contributed the first grammar book for Malayalam and is still followed.

Like poem itself, poetry analysis can take many forms, and be undertaken for many different reasons. Each scholar and teacher could describe the same poem in different angles. Hence our analysis is just an attempt to reach beyond language and continents and never to be considered as an authority.  Our poem analysis are only food for thoughts to our beloved readers. We sincerely wish that you enjoy every bit of these analysis.

“Malayalam poems” is expecting active participation of its readers to make poem analysis topic a success. Your comments and feedback are very valuable for us, we appreciate your suggestion, corrections at our related blog post for each analysis attempt.

Most of these analyses are done with Malayalam poems but we intend to include more such themes from different languages and culture.

This page will be updated as new analysis are added to  “Malayalam poems”.

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