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Ottamthullal – Kiratham by Kunjan Nambyar

Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar
Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar
Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar

Kunchan Nambiar’s humor is quite evident in Kiratham –thullal Malayalam composition; he jovially acknowledges his patron as well.

In his previous stanza Kunchan Nambiar narrates that he was not in demand for performances as he did not spread any gossips and only performed truthfully. Though this can be interrupted as self criticism, experts see this as a way to diffuse uninterested audience and to draw more attention of enthusiasts. In the above stanza he jovially acknowledges his Guru and then ruler of that province. It is a practice among Indian artists to pray to GOD , acknowledge Guru and express special thanks to patrons.

Read from first stanza of in Kiratham –thullal Malayalam.

Following is the quintessence to the above stanza

I express gratitude to
Chembaka Nadu Raja and my Guru
For giving me an opportunity to perform here
I also pray to lord Shiva and
Hopeful that he enjoys my performance too

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