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A Dirge for the Earth By O N V Kurup

ONV1 A Dirge for the Earth-O N V Kurup - Malayalampoems.com

The poet mourns for near dying mother earth, in his poem and by hearts this dirge well in advance as he is not going to be there to attend the funeral.

O N V Kuruppu(Ottaplackal Neelakandan Velukkuruppu) is considered as on the greatest living poets of India. O N V kuruppu was a professor in Maharaja’s College ( Kochi), University College, (Thiruvananthapuram), Arts and Science College ( Kozhikode) and Brennan College ( Thalassery). ONV Kuruppu retired from service in 1986.
O N V Kuruppu is also a lyricist in Malayalam film cinema. ONV Kuruppu recently won the Jnana Peetha Award for 2007 which is the greatest award for literature in India.

Oh my mother earth, for your near death,
I am singing this poem “may your soul rest in peace.”
This song is by hearted, for dirge in advance

No one will remain to shed tears
for you and for me tomorrow
when the death’s black
venomous flower blossoms,
in its shadow your face shall start to freeze dead.
So I have written this dirge
by heart in advance for you,
Oh my mother earth, for your near death,
I am singing this poem “may your soul rest in peace.”

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12 comments to A Dirge for the Earth By O N V Kurup

  • Teddy Echeverry

    I really enjoyed the poem and the translation. It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

  • Rakesh

    Post more of ONV’s poems, this one is good too and translation is good, keep the good work.

  • Poornima

    Love ONV, I hope people soon realize that they are being selfish.

  • Lovely Giftee

    Interesting poetry site and enjoyable with my husband, no embarrassment on the content and I plan to visit Kerala soon.

  • Nice poetry blog and good related articles. Keep up the good work, will come back again.

  • Blogs Very informative article. I’ve found your blog via Yahoo and I?m really glad about the information you provide in your posts. Thank You for sharing this very informative article… Regards

  • That is nice poetry blog and I had a good time reading Dirge for the earth.

  • Indu Lalli

    I Love this poem, ONV has used harsh language for the people who destroy and kill our forest and environment. I like the reference made.

  • Nice poetry website, rightful superficial around few blogs, seems a pretty overnice document you are using. I’m currently using WordPress for a few of my sites but sensing to change one of them over to a structure same to yours as a experiment run. Anything in item you would urge roughly it?

  • srmarypaulsic

    a very good poetry website we congratulate your valuable attempts.

  • Calis Markus

    I should tell you that your poetry blog is quite addictive and I usually do not read blogs but this is proving different because the posts here are very distinct and unseen in most websites

  • Dick Tracy

    What a beautiful poem, I cant find any good reference on Malayalam language and I have found sites but most are only Malayalam and no translation is available. Could you also provide some good links on this please. Perhaps a good article that gives guidelines to understand Malayalam etc.