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Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar(1&2 Stanza)

Kiratham is famous Ottanthullal by Kunchan Nambiar- a visionary poet of Kerala,
Kiratham  “Ottamthullal” depicts part of Mahabhartham.

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The given two stanzas are the saluting  stanzas of Kiratham ottanthullal. Kunjan
used this stanza as beginning to almost all of his ottanthullal, it is a prayer
to GOD (Hindu deity Ayyappa)to be able to perform well. Kiratham Ottanthullal describes
the events after the fall of pandavas, the five prince brothers. Pandavas lost their
kingdom in a gambling with Kauravas(Pandva’s cousins). They plan to recapture their
kingdom with advice from their Guru Vedavyasa. To be able to win the war they require
a special powerful weapon "Pashupathasthram”- a weapon possessed by lord Shiva. 
Arjuna is assigned with the task to procure this weapon from Lord Shiva. Kiratham
depicts the story of Arjuna’s dedication and worship and get blessed by Lord shiva.

Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar

Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar

Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar

Kiratham–Ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar

Oh god Ayyappa who resides in Thakazhi , please help me to recite this poem fluently,
help me the same way you killed the carnivorous animals who intended to eat the
pity people travelled through the forest and saved them.. Help me to overcome my

Read the 3rd Stanza of Kiratham ottanthullal by Kunjan Nambyar.


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  • I read this poetry blog and felt very happy. It is time for me to make plans for coming to Kerala and this blog really helped me. Cheers….

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