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G Sankara Kurup Poems – The Traveler’s Song

G. Sankara Kurup poems The Traveler's Song

G. Sankara Kurup, Mahakavi G

This is the second part of the poem “Traveler’s song” of Mahavakavi G ,
the first part can be found at Malayalam poems, please click here.

For centuries, bad egos of human beings have wandered from
the darkness to darkness and desert to desert.

G. Sankara Kurup poems The Traveler's Song

You never experienced the sweat and dust
of this world.
How would you these sad
stories of this world.

Here the poet depicts the journey of
life to that of a camel.
When crossing the distance of
life with a lot of pain,
the camel walks slow, and it can
hear the sound of other struggling souls.

G. Sankara Kurup poems The Traveler's Song To quench the thirst of some, humans poke on other eyes;
their tears make them thirstier.

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