Orphaned Childhood Poem - (Anatha Balyam)

Orphaned childhood is a Malayalam poem about sweet childhood lost as we become adults.

Orphaned Childhood  - malayalam poems Orphaned ChildhoodI saw the world through your eyes ,though it was not as colorfulwhen compared to others,I tried to make it as colourful as possible…

even though the world seems to me as colorless,

tried to make the world as warm as my mother’s ,

tore from  the pages of my mind,

to make a kite and flew it freely..

Orphaned Childhood  - malayalam poems thus my second childhood passed by…and I opened the doors to orphanageto set the mind free…the world beyond the mother’s warmnessis different, and everybody is stranger here

it is like a desert without life,

like worms, no one loves anybody here…

an alien magic world …


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