A Dirge for the Earth By O N V Kurup Stanza 3

ONV Kurup is a living legend, winner of 43rd Jnanpith award. Bhoomikkoru charamageetham is dirge for mother earth.

The given stanza is continuation from 1 & 2nd Stanza of Bhoomikkoru charamageetham by ONV Kurup. Essence translation from Malayalam to English can be found towards the end of this post..

Essence from Malayalam to English: We will never be able to translate the complete essence of such a beautiful poem from a legend, but we did our level best to do so.
The poet depicts Earth as mother.
You are mother of mothers and have lots of quarrelsome children.
One child hates the other and even kills and eats other.
You were just a silent spectator to all the misdeeds.
They also started eating you inch by inch and you were a helpless observer.

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